Talent Co-Creation Lab – University of Ruhuna

- Initiated under the Erasmus Project, INNOTAL (Integrating Talent Development into Innovation Ecosystems in Higher Education)

The university encourages staff and students to be creative and to explore new ideas, new designs, new products and many more. We invite industries and other interested parties to join hands with the university and provide opportunities to take these creative, important and useful ideas, designs and products to the market.

What Can you expect by joining with the Co-creation Lab?

The Co-creation lab with internet access provides opportunity for interested students, staff, inventors and other stake holders to explore their ideas, interact with each other to expand and improve all inventive and innovative activities. Access to the well-equipped workshop can be arranged as the need arises. Collaborative research and inventive/innovative projects with Industries and other stakeholders are encouraged. Students have the opportunity to follow guided, activity-based, and self-learning course modules to enhance and foster their inventive and innovative ideas to reach product level as well as to shape your future to become Entrepreneurs.

How to join?

(i) You may contact Dr. J.A.P. Bodhika, Career Guidance Coordinator, Faculty of Science via telephone (0716033089, on evenings before 9pm) or by sending an email to jbodhika@phy.ruh.ac.lk at any time.
(ii) The student registration drives and activities of the Talent Co-creation Lab will be advertised on this website as well as Faculty websites (on Faculty MIS), so interested students are encouraged to join with us during such instances as well.

Community Projects – Faculty of Science, University of Ruhuna

The Faculty of Science encourages undergraduates to engage in community and outreach activities, in particular, to become change makers in their communities and work places as socially responsible graduates. Thus, the faculty offers two optional courses, “Active Citizenship” and “Active Citizen Community Project”, to undergraduates during the second year of their degree programme.

Principles of Active Citizens:

Facilitators (the academic staff who guide you) and participants shall demonstrate:

(a) Openness, honesty and transparency
(b) Reject discrimination and violence
(c) A sense of responsibility for sustainable development
(d) A commitment to equal access for participation in the course
(e) Respect and an understanding for diversity among participants
(f) A commitment to disagreeing agreeably
(g) Act not to compromise the principles and the vision of the programme at all times

The objectives of the “Active Citizen Community Project” course unit are to develop student’s ability to

(a) obtain a needs assessment
(b) enhance skills in “social action” project planning
(c) identify and consult key stakeholders
(d) assess risks involved in a community project
(e) experience implementation of a project
(f) complete the project successfully

Please visit the following links to find out how students engaged in community projects during the difficult period of the Covid Pandemic in 2020 & 2021.

(i) My action to Reduce Climate Change - https://padlet.com/kanthi1/qfohn987he5wdgvv
(ii) Climate Action Projects by Level III Students - https://padlet.com/kanthi1/oa17m76v12fsv59m
(iii) Climate Action Project by Level II Students - https://padlet.com/kanthi1/jdxrmjew75prepix

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